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Struggling to sell your home in Kent? Try these four tips

Struggling to sell your home in Kent? Try these four tips

In this two-minute read, we
look at the reasons why people struggle to sell their homes and what can be
done about it.

Monday was officially the
most depressing day of the year, as if we needed reminding.

Scientists claim it’s the
perfect storm for a downer.

Money is tight, resolutions
have fallen by the wayside, and the weather is rubbish. Add to that the
lockdown and you have a recipe for doom and gloom.

And if you have a home that
won’t sell, you can feel down in the dumps.

But at CWB Property, we believe it shouldn’t be that way.

So, we’ve come up with four
ways you can beat the home selling blues.

Is the price right?

The right price is vital to
securing a sale. Buyers have budgets, so if your home is just over their limit,
they won’t find it if they are searching online. Mortgage lenders are also put
off by an overvaluation. Check what similar homes in Kent have
sold for and get a new valuation from another agent, but be mindful of any
contractual obligations you may have with your selling agent.

Are your photos up to

Nowadays, online searches are
the most popular way people look for properties, which means photos are crucial.
An excellent agency takes the time to get these super important parts of the
marketing puzzle in place and looking good. Bad photos cause buyers to scroll
past your property.

Try the mystery shopper approach

A good agent will let you
know what prospective buyers think of your home and the interest it is
generating. If this isn’t happening, get a friend or family member to pose as a
mystery buyer, with a budget in your property’s price range, and phone the
agent to see if they mention your home. If they do, great, if they don’t, it’s
a cause for concern.

Are your chances being
clogged up by clutter?

Choosing a new home is a big
step. Buyers want to visualise what your property will look like after they
have moved in, complete with their choice of décor and their belongings. Make
it easier for them to do this by making your home look and feel more spacious.

Rooms should be clutter-free
and well lit – small touches can make a big difference, and first impressions

We hope that’s helped. Please
feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about banishing the
property selling blues.

*You can still sell your home
at this time. CWB Property strictly adheres to the government’s
Covid-19 restrictions.

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