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The Loves and Hates of Homeowners across Kent

The Loves and Hates of Homeowners across Kent

With Valentine’s Day
coming up at the weekend, we look at ten reasons why Kent property owners think their homes are dreamy or dreary.
A three-minute read.

Top five things people
love about their homes

A room with a view

Beautiful views are calming, provide
distraction, and reduce claustrophobia. Lucky homeowners who look out upon an
unspoilt view are also less likely to be overlooked by their neighbours. So, they
needn’t worry about Owen from over the road seeing them in their PJs.

Period charm

For some, it’s the character of an inglenook
fireplace, a warm and comforting Aga, or elegant period features, that they
love. Those who prefer these distinctive qualities are more often turned off by
the sterility offered by some new and modern homes.

Home is where the heart is

Undoubtedly, for many homeowners, what they
love most about their home is not the size, look, or location, but the memories
created in them. The children’s heights marked in pencil on the door frame, the
old oak tree, climbed a thousand times, even the tiny holes in little Johnny’s
bedroom wall from misdirected dart throwing.

The house that Jack built

Designing and building a home or extension can
be an incredibly exciting (and stressful!) experience. Whether it’s an upstairs
laundry room or a dedicated dog shower, homebuilders can create a unique home
that they love.

Location, location, location

This list wouldn’t be complete without
including that well known saying. We feel proud to call Kent our home and thousands of Kent property owners say that this takes the top spot in
things they love about their home!

five for the haters…

1. Size matters

would seem that size really does matter when it comes to property owners'
biggest gripes about their homes. What starts out as a perfectly proportioned
pad can quickly feel more cramped than cosy once children, pets, or elderly
live-in relatives arrive. Add the ‘stuff’ that accumulates over time and the
walls can start closing in.

Baby it’s cold inside

Old houses are notorious for being cold and
draughty, but the questionable build quality of some newer houses might make
you need an extra layer or two. Poor insulation and badly installed double
glazing and doors can result in expensive energy bills and an uncomfortable

Noisy neighbour niggles

It’s Sunday afternoon. Your roast has set you
up nicely for an afternoon snooze in front of the telly and the aspiring DJ
next door starts spinning the decks. Live and let live? Maybe. But be warned if
you’re selling your property and a minor irritation turns into a dispute. If
you’ve made a complaint to the council or another authority, or written to the
neighbour directly, then you’ll have to disclose it on the Seller’s Property
Information Form.

Troublesome traffic

While good double glazing can help reduce
traffic noise, it’s often high on the list of grumbles. And for those who own a
property opposite a T-junction, let’s just say that they might wish that they’d
viewed the property in the dark as well as in daylight… investing in blackout
blinds are a must to block car headlights.

Garden envy

A lack of outside space is a real bugbear for
lots of homeowners. And they’re feeling it now, more so than ever, following
the Covid-19 lockdowns. Homes benefiting from a garden will add £££s to the
price point (add a few more £££s if it’s south facing).

If the hates start outweighing the loves, it
might be time to think about moving on. Make a list of all the things you’re
looking for in your next home. At CWB
, we’re here to help you tick off that list and find your next
property love.

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