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Would You Cover Your walls in Dead Salmon? The Great Paint Debate.

Would You Cover Your walls in Dead Salmon? The Great Paint Debate.

In this three-minute
read, we look at the paint colours that are making a splash in 2021.

For millions of Brits, getting through this
pandemic has been a case of “Keep Calm and Carry On with DIY”.

To stop themselves from climbing the walls from
boredom and frustration, they’ve turned to painting them.

As a result, DIY chains such as B&Q have
recorded surging sales, while paint company Dulux had to ration the sale of
paint pots and testing kits last year to cope with rising demand.

As so many people are giving their homes a fresh
lick of paint right now, let’s look at what’s popular in the world of colours.

Call of the wild

A few years ago, magnolia was very much the colour
du jour for interiors (in fact, just about every property that came on the
market was a vision of yellowy-white).

The perceived wisdom was that magnolia was the best
way to create a welcoming but neutral base for home decorating.

But times have changed, paint firms and interior
design experts report that being cooped up so much over the past year has made
us yearn for nature and fuelled a desire to bring a little bit of the great
outdoors indoors.

As a result, earthy tones are the “new magnolia”.

It’s only natural

Dulux’s Colour of the Year 2021 is Brave Ground, a
warm natural shade with a strong brown undertone (some cynics call it beige).

While over at Farrow & Ball, the earthy brown
tone Jitney is popular, as is Satin Slipper (an off-white shade akin to a
traditional ballet slipper) and Dead Salmon (yes, that really is what it’s

The Little Greene Paint Company has also jumped on
the ‘earthy’ bandwagon, by unveiling Stone, a range of 36 natural colours that
includes the warm neutrals Portland Stone and Travertine.

Meanwhile, Valspar has Seven Sisters or the very
bold Aged Cognac.

Greens and blues

Many home renovators are also looking to create
tranquil, calm spaces at home (perhaps to counteract all the stress from
homeschooling and Zoom calls).

As a result, blue and green shades are proving
popular. Valspar has Sapphire Earbobs, Secluded Cove and Cobblestone Moss,
while Farrow & Ball has Green Smoke and Card Room Green, and Ultramarine
Blue and Stiffkey Blue (a navy that we’ve seen used in lots of Victorian

Should Kent homeowners stay
neutral or make a statement?

Potential buyers can indeed find bold colours and
strong prints a turn-off when viewing a property.

But to state the obvious, it is your home, so of
course, it should reflect your tastes. The great thing about paint is you can
paint over it.

So, if you are going to opt for bold colours, use
them on the walls – you can go over them later without too much trouble – but
stick to neutral tones for skirting boards and ceilings (which are fiddlier and
faffier to reach).

We’re living through strange times. Anything that
makes you feel more secure or calm in your home can’t be a bad thing.

From all of us here at CWB Property, stay
safe and remember better times are coming.