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How to Get the Most out of Your Stay-at-Home Holiday in Kent

How to Get the Most out of Your Stay-at-Home Holiday in Kent

How to Get the Most out of
Your Stay-at-Home Holiday in Kent

this three-minute read, we look at how you can use your garden to make a
staycation feel like you really are getting away from it all.

The last year has left many
of us more in need of a holiday than ever. While things will slowly start
getting back to normal, there remain plenty of valid reasons that may make you
reluctant to travel anytime soon.

The good news is you don’t
need to go far. Here are our top tips to make the back garden your next dream

Prepare your staycation

Think about the type of
holiday you are trying to create when considering garden furniture and
accessories. If you normally holiday by the sea, buy some deckchairs, or if you
are used to a desert island, put up a hammock. Failing that, spread out a
picnic blanket.

Recreate a serene spa

What better way to look after
mind, body, and soul? Create a relaxing zone in your garden and indulge in some
luxury with a hot tub. There are options on the market to suit every budget,
ranging from luxury options (and prices) to inflatable spa pools which you can
pack up and put away after your staycation ends. The British and Irish Spa and
Hot Tub Association can help you get started.

Put in an outdoor kitchen

An important part of any
holiday is eating. More and more people are asking for kitchens to be
incorporated into their garden design and they can include a fridge for drinks,
work surfaces, and ovens. You can choose from a freestanding outdoor kitchen
for over £10,000 right down to a much more affordable pizza oven.

Fire pit

Fire has brought people
together for centuries and this will ensure you can enjoy your garden for
longer when the sun goes down, keeping you warm and toasty for hours. Who
doesn’t enjoy looking at a real fire? There are plenty of purpose-built options
available online.

Don’t forget the kids

Any parent will tell you just
how difficult it has been to keep their children occupied over the last 12
months, as well as keeping themselves sane. So why not turn the garden into a
fun little getaway for them? No family holiday is complete without a few games
and a hosepipe and water balloons can provide hours of fun on a hot day.

Create an open-air cinema

Instead of crowding round the
telly, buy a projector – they’re easy to use outside. Connect it to your media
source or speaker. For the screen, you can pin a white bed sheet to a wall or
fence. Lights, camera, action!

With so much uncertainty
around travel abroad and social distancing in the coming months, make the most
of summer 2021 by holidaying safely at home.

From us all at CWB
, happy holidays
and don’t forget to send us a postcard.