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Five Ways to Find a Trustworthy Estate Agent in Malling and Medway!

Five Ways to Find a Trustworthy Estate Agent in Malling and Medway!

In this three-minute read,
we list five things
Malling and Medway sellers should look for in an estate agent.

It pains us to say this, but a recent survey found
people were more likely to trust a traffic warden or a lawyer than an estate

When it comes to telling the truth, it seems that
only politicians have a worse reputation than estate agents (source:

As you can imagine, this frustrates us. Firstly,
we’re a hardworking Malling and Medway business with a strong track record – just ask our
happy customers. We know there are some cowboys out there – and thankfully, the
industry is working to weed them out – but we hate being lumped in the same
category as them.

Secondly, selling a home is one of the most
significant transactions a person makes in their lifetime. We hate to think
that people are being led through that process by someone they think is a
consummate liar. It must make the whole experience more stressful.

So, we’ve put together a five-point list of things
to look out for when you’re hunting for an estate agent you can trust.

1) Word of mouth

Speak to friends and family about their experiences of selling
in your area. Don’t just ask them to name a
good agent but dig deeper to find out: how long it took them to sell their
property, if the agent’s valuation was realistic, who conducted the viewings,
and if the customer service was up to scratch.

2) Marketing research

Identify popular agents and scrutinise how they market
their properties. Look for good quality photography and well-written property
descriptions as these are vital ingredients for achieving top price. Dodgy
snaps of cluttered rooms, and minimal information, should set off alarm bells.

3) Are they registered?

All UK estate agents who deal with residential properties must
register with either the Property Ombudsman or the Property Redress Scheme.
These organisations deal with customer complaints (hopefully, you won’t have
any, but it’s good to have peace of mind). If they’re not registered, steer

4) Are they a member of a professional body?

Many good agents will be part of a professional body, such as
the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA) Propertymark, the Royal Institute
of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) or The Guild of Professional Estate Agents.
Membership shows they take their professional responsibilities seriously.

5) Realistic valuation

If an agent vows to sell your home for a price that far exceeds
market trends or your expectations, be suspicious. They’re either
over-promising to win your custom or clueless (or both!). Either way, buyers
won’t buy it (literally), and you’ll wind up dropping the asking price later.
Don’t fall for this time-wasting exercise.

To find
out more about why people in
Malling and Medway have been trusting
us with their home sales for years, give us a call.