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Three Good Reasons to Shop Local

Three Good Reasons to Shop Local

In this two-minute read, we look at why it’s crucial
that consumers shop local.

As we
emerge out of lockdown, there’s one thing you can do to help Kentrecover
from the pandemic – and that’s to shop local.

traders are the lifeblood of communities, generating interest and footfall in
our high streets and providing local jobs. But after an incredibly challenging
year, small businesses need help to stay afloat.

good news is that many of us discovered the benefits of shopping locally during
the pandemic.

show that 53% of us have shopped locally more in the last year, and 42% say that
they will continue to do so in the future (source: Lumina Intelligence).

momentum is there; we just need to keep it going as the economy opens up. If
you’re still not convinced, here are three other reasons to support local

It’s character

If we
give all our business to online multinationals, what will become of our high
streets? Answer: they’ll become ghost towns. Small businesses, and the
people who run them, bring character and personality to neighbourhoods. They
make an area feel special and unique, rather than sterile and anonymous.


businesses are rooted in the communities they serve and often support local
charities, schools, and sporting clubs. Shopping locally is an easy way
you can say thanks to them for lending a hand to the small organisations that
make a big difference in Kent.

for the environment

locally can help to reduce the carbon footprint. For example, take the humble
veg box. Many people gave them a try at the start of the pandemic – when a trip
to the grocery store was like starring in an episode of Supermarket
meets Gladiators – and have remained loyal

grown in the UK and picked in season is not only tastier but it also generates
far fewer carbon emissions than those transported thousands of miles around the

500 schemes in the UK provide seasonal, locally sourced fruit and veg (many
also supply dairy products and eggs). Why not try one local to you?

all of us here at CWB Property, take care, stay cheerful, and
support your high street.