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A to Z Guide for Changing Your Address in Kent

A to Z Guide for Changing Your Address in Kent

A to Z Guide for Changing Your Address in Kent

A two-minute read.

As if selling your home,
packing your belongings, and remembering to take the dog isn’t stressful enough,
unfortunately, you can’t escape the paperwork palaver that comes with moving. Notifying
companies and authorities of your change of address can be monotonous, but (for
some things), it’s mandatory. (Not to mention the risk of being deleted from
Aunty Marge’s Christmas card list if you forget to tell her you’ve moved.)

To make your life easier, we’ve
compiled a handy A to Z guide of who you need to notify.

A is for Animal Care (and includes your pet’s usual vet, groomer and if you
use one, dog walker).

B is for Banks, Building Societies,and Broadband.

C is for Council, Clubs, and Cable/Satellite.

D is for Doctor, Dentist, DVLA, and DWP (if you receive money from the government).

E is for your Electricity Supplier(don’t
forget to read the meter!) and the Electoral

F is for your Friends and Family.

G is for your Gas Supplierand Gymmembership
(or cancel your membership if you’re moving out of the area).

H is for HMRC.(We wish they
didn’t know where we lived, either.)

Iis for Insurance – House, Car, Business, Life, Pet, Travel, and Health.
(You need to insure your new property from the completion date.)

J is for Job.

K is for the Kids' School(s).

L is for Loyalty Cardsand Loan

M is for your friendly Milkmanand the Microchip Database for your pet(s).

N is for Newsagentfor your paper deliveries.

O is for Optician and Online Shopping.
(Where would we be without internet shopping?!)

P is for Premium Bonds and your Pension
Investment Company

Q is for Quick Food2Go. Imagine when you realise your takeaway’s been
delivered to your old address?

R is for Royal Mail Redirect service. You can opt for your mail to be
redirected for 3, 6, or 12 months.

S is for Subscriptions, Share Registrars and Services (if you have an accountant, solicitor, gardener, window
cleaner or house cleaner).

T is for your Telephone Provider(mobile and landline) and TV Licence.

U is for Utilities and University.

V is for Vehicle Breakdown Cover and Vehicle

W is for Water Supplier.

is for X Marks the Spot. Update your address for ‘Home’ on your car’s
sat nav.

is for Your Buyer. It’s sensible to leave a forwarding address at your
old property in case you’ve missed something.

Z is for the Zoo(or anywhere else where you might have an annual membership).

For more tips and advice
about how to prepare for a property move in Kent (or if you can add to this list), give us a call on 01634 304326.