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How to Boost Your 2021 Kerb Appeal in Kent

How to Boost Your 2021 Kerb Appeal in Kent

How to Boost Your 2021 Kerb Appeal in Kent

This three-minute read will help you maximise
the kerb appeal for your AREA property.

A HomeOwners Alliance survey showed that 68% of potential buyers felt a
property’s kerb appeal influenced their decision. Use these quick and easy tips
to help your potential buyers fall in love at first sight.

Pathways and driveways

If you access your main entrance via a pathway or over a driveway, make
sure you give it some TLC.


wash to remove discolouration or slippery bits


Top tip: Add solar lights along the route for added elegance.

Front façade

The front of your property is like its shop window. Make sure any
soffits, fascias, or guttering are clean and in good order. Clean the windows
and frames, or repaint if necessary. Little things like that subliminally
reassure viewers that the bigger things have been taken care of too.

Top tip: Clean or repaint your front door, polish the hardware, and add
a hanging basket for a burst of colour.

Green fingers

There are low maintenance ways of making a front outdoor area more
appealing. You can pick up outdoor plants, even from a supermarket. Pop a few
around to brighten any space. If you have a lawn or hedging, keep it tidy.
Alternatively, ask a responsible young person if they’d like to earn some
pocket money by doing it for you.

Top tip: Choose plants without flowers if you won’t remember to deadhead
them. The foliage and pots will still look striking.

Add storage

It might be that you don’t mind your bins and recycling boxes at the
front of your home. However, for others it can be off-putting. Broaden your
property’s appeal as much as possible by adding a bin store. You can use some
trellising to create a divider or go all out and box them in.

Top tip: Surround or cover with pots of flowers or shrubs. You could
even train climbers up the side.


If you have fencing or gates, make sure they’re looking their best. This
might mean a lick of paint or wood stain. If you’ve got a fence post or panel that’s
seen better days, just replace it. It’s unlikely to cost much in time or money.
It does, however, prevent any offers from including that as a reason to knock
the price down.

Top tip: Add trellising to a fence for some extra foliage.


You know where your house is. It seems obvious to you. But when you’re
travelling around trying to find somewhere, possibly battling with family
members, sat nav, or other traffic, it can feel stressful. Make it easy for
your viewers. Add a house number or name that is clear and easy to read.

Top tip: Visit your local garden centre. They often have a range of
signage so you can choose one that fits the style of your property.

Give your property the best chance of making a good impression. If you
would like any advice, please do get in touch for a free, no-obligation chat on