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Six Reasons Why Restarting Property Inspections Are a Must for Kent Landlords

Six Reasons Why Restarting Property Inspections Are a Must for Kent Landlords

Six Reasons Why Restarting Property Inspections Are
a Must for Kent Landlords

In this three-minute read,
we look at why regular inspections should be central to your property
management strategy.

When you’re a busy landlord juggling a multitude of
responsibilities, it’s easy to let a crucial part of managing a property –
regular inspections – slide.

Landlords usually carry out inspections with
clockwork regularity at the start of a tenancy, but things can get a little lax
over time.

Perhaps the tenant presents as a model citizen, and
the landlord develops a false sense of security. (To which we say, remember
Walter White, the unassuming science teacher turned crystal meth baron in the
TV series Breaking

Or maybe, the tenant pays their rent on time and
never says a peep, so the landlord assumes that everything is ticking along
nicely (silence is golden, right?).

No matter how much you like your tenant or how busy
you are with other commitments, never skip or delay a property inspection. They
are one of the best ways to protect your investment – and head off disaster.

Here are six reasons why Kentlandlords
should carry out regular inspections as covid restrictions lift.

1) Maintenance

It’s easier (and cheaper) to rectify a minor maintenance issue
than a major one. A tenant may not mention a leaky tap or a little bit of damp,
but these problems can morph into expensive repair jobs if left unresolved.
It’s also essential that you check that carbon monoxide monitors and smoke
alarms are working.

2) Paper trail

The photographs and notes you take during each inspection (yes,
you should be doing this) create a valuable paper trail. If there is a dispute
at a later date, you’ll have evidence to support your side of the story.

3) Build rapport

If your tenants find you approachable, they’ll be more likely to
let you know when there is an issue and treat your property respectfully.

4) Contractual obligations

It’s important to know that your tenants are complying with
their contract and haven’t sublet the property or sneakily adopted a pack of
Great Danes.

5) Spot illegal activities

With regular inspections, you can ensure your property isn’t
being misused by a criminal gang. We know this sounds far-fetched, but gangs – particularly
those involved in cannabis production – are becoming increasingly brazen. Trust
us, the last thing you want is a police cordon and Sky News reporter outside
your property.

6) Insurance disputes

Many insurers won’t pay out on a major claim if the landlord
hasn’t conducted regular inspections. They argue that by neglecting to visit
the property, the landlord has not been vigilant and has therefore invalidated
the policy. Whatever you make of this justification, cover yourself, so you
don’t wind up out of pocket.

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