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The Secrets Behind What Stops Properties Selling in Kent

The Secrets Behind What Stops Properties Selling in Kent

In this three-minute read, we look at what kentsellers can do to avoid
their property sitting on the market.

Making a bad impression

We’ve all heard the adage that first impressions are the most
important. This is definitely the case when it comes to selling your home.
Smart presentation is a must as it sets the tone for the whole viewing.

First things first – kerb appeal. Does your property entice
strangers to want to peek inside? If it doesn’t, make a difference by tidying
up the outside of your home. Maintain the same level of pride throughout your
home. Make sure you’ve cleaned and tidied and the space is smelling fresh.
Clutter can be distracting, making it difficult for prospective buyers to
imagine how to make your property their home.

Poor state of repair

It’s critical to make sure the basic fixtures in your home are in
good working order. You may not need to replace whole bathrooms and kitchens
before you go to market, as any modernisation required will be reflected in
your sale price. But minor issues can create doubt and concern about what further
essential work might be needed.

Fix broken door handles, attend to areas of damp and replace
faulty fittings. A little bit of pride goes a long way.

The price is too high

Sounds simple, and it is. Pricing your home is not about how much
it’s worth to you, it’s about being realistic. Consider the strength of the
market, the area, and what similar properties around you have sold for

Naturally, buyers are always looking for a bargain and there’s a
fine line to tread, but take the guidance from your agent seriously. If you’re
overpriced, you’ll struggle to get viewings, never mind offers.

Poor photography

Great photography of your home will make all the difference
online. True first impressions begin here and if you think about how many
property listings the average buyer scrolls through, it’s crucial to stand out.

TOP TIP: Remove any unnecessary objects as the
eye will be drawn to these first. Dishcloths, bathroom products, piles of toys,
and clutter should be out of sight for pictures – even if it just means hiding
them for the photographs.

It may sound like a cliché, but fresh flowers can lift a room by
their mere presence. Remember, you are creating a lifestyle that accompanies
the home so your accessories should reflect that.

Human interaction is key and the right agent can make all the
difference. Here at CWB Property,
we create demand and a buzz around your property rather than solely waiting for
it to be discovered online. Call us on 01634304326
to find out more.