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Fundraising Ideas for Our Local Community!

Fundraising Ideas for Our Local Community!

If you’re looking to fundraise in Kent, this three-minute
read suggests a few ways to go about it.

How to start fundraising

When fundraising, it’s important to first think about your audience. Who
are the people most likely to be touched by the cause and therefore, most
likely to donate? Consider their lifestyle and habits to identify how you can best
get your message to them.

Fundraising on social media

If you’re not using some form of social media, you’ll be missing out on potential
donors. It’s a relatively cheap way to attract your target audience so more
donations can go to your mission.

People in
their thirties and over are often Facebook users

Women are
the bigger audiences on Instagram and Pinterest

is best for speaking to professionals, especially men

TikTok can
be a great platform to reach people in their early twenties and younger

Other fundraising marketing ideas

You can do a whole fundraising campaign using social media only.
Depending on the type of event you’re putting on, you could also try these

put around our local area

your database (if you’ve got the appropriate GDPR permission)

leaflets into local letterboxes

Signs on
the day – if you’re running an event that welcomes visitors

Virtual events

After the restrictions of the pandemic, there are very few people left
who aren’t able to use Zoom or some other type of virtual event software.
Virtual events are a great way to minimise things like travel time and increase
attendance. Auctions, quizzes, even galas, can all be done online. Video
fundraisers like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge can also be very successful.


Recruit the cooks in your community and make the most of the popularity
of programmes like Bake Off. You could do it with chilli, cake, jams, or anything
yummy. Have people taste the item and put their donations in a pot in front of
their favourite.

Get on your paws

Involve the furry members of Kent to attract their owners
to participate. You could run a sponsored dog walk. Charge an admission fee and
sell merchandise. Make sure you’ve got water stations along the route for human
and canine participants. You could even do a dog wash event, a twist on the old
bob-a-job week car wash.

Arty ideas

Get some arty people together and put on an art exhibition. You could
fundraise with an entry fee. You might even be able to ask the artists to agree
that a proportion of any sales goes to your cause, too. You could do something
similar with younger members of the Kent
community. Ask local schools to do artwork of summer scenes and hold an
exhibition with the entries.

What are your favourite ways to fundraise? Let us know by emailing
so we can share inspiration and do good together.