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Reasons to Be Cheerful for Landlords in Kent

Reasons to Be Cheerful for Landlords in Kent

to Be Cheerful for Landlords in Kent

We share how
landlords can avoid feeling down on the year’s most depressing day in this
two-minute read.

If you’re feeling a
little flat, low, or down in the dumps next Monday, you won’t be alone.

The 17th of January
is Blue Monday – according to some psychologists (and clever marketers), it’s
the most depressing day on the calendar.

It’s a perfect storm
of wintery weather taking its toll, the Christmas break becoming a distant
memory, resolutions falling by the wayside, and credit card bills coming in.

All of this adds up
to a formula for feeling, well, a little rubbish.

And our experience
serving landlords in Kent has taught us the four main
things that get them feeling down.

The good news is we
have the antidote to these that will bring the smiles back.

Here goes:

Void periods – When your property is
empty, it costs you money and can make you miserable. Good marketing, looking
after existing tenants, and setting reasonable rents for well-maintained homes
reduces the risks of voids.

Troublesome tenants – This can cause
landlords a lot of stress. But you can drastically lower the chances of a
tenancy turning bad by doing things right from the start. Rigorous referencing
and checks that weed out the good from the bad tenants are essential for a
positive experience.

Rules, laws, and regulations – The
rental property industry in the UK has more than 300 different and constantly
changing rules that affect landlords. Falling foul of these rules is costly and
stressful and causes nagging anxiety for some landlords trying to ‘blag it’.
Use an experienced letting agent to manage your property and keep you on the
right side of the law.

Property damage – All landlords
should expect fair wear and tear to happen during a tenancy. But many get down
in the dumps when their property ends up looking like the local tip. But it
doesn’t have to be this way. The right tenants who are well treated reduce this
reason to be anxious. As does having a good letting agent who carries out a
thorough incoming and outgoing inventory as well as regular property
inspections on your behalf.

For a happier, more
successful rental property experience, call us today.