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Five Things You Should Know If Your Focus is Dwindling

 Five Things You Should Know If Your Focus is Dwindling

Five Things You Should Know If Your Focus is

What impact do constant
scrolling and swiping have on your ability to focus, reflect, and connect? A
two-minute read.

If you can’t read two pages of a book without
getting twitchy or struggle to go for an hour without checking social media,
then you’re not alone.

A recent study by tech giant Microsoft found that the
human attention span has shrivelled by 25% in just a few years. It’s just one
of a growing number of studies suggesting that in the digital age, our ability
to focus is decreasing.

Over the past two decades, the internet has become a
constant presence in our lives. Much of that has been good – social media
connects people with shared interests, gives the under-represented a voice, and
exposes us to new ideas. You are most likely reading this article online.

And podcasts and audiobooks make mundane tasks, like
driving or household chores, more enjoyable (and sometimes educational).

But are we having too much of a good thing? If you seem
to spend hours lost in a digital rabbit hole, perhaps it’s time to reappraise
your habits. You don’t have to take an all-or-nothing approach, it might just
be a case of being more measured.

Five ideas to sharpen your focus

1) Be more mindful of your online activity. Is it productive? Does
it make you feel happy? If the answer is no, consider scaling back your screen
time or deleting apps that have a negative impact.

2) The artificial light from phones and laptops messes with the
body’s internal clock and your ability to sleep. That’s why experts advise
people to avoid screens before bed.

3) Every time we flick from one thing to another (as most of us do
online), our brain adjusts. This can be tiring over an extended period and
explains why you feel shattered after an hour on the couch scrolling.

4) Wrestle back control with apps like Serene and Freedom, which
monitor your focus and block distracting apps and websites, or try the more
radical options: SelfControl and Cold Turkey Blocker.

5) The kSafe is a time-lock safe that protects you from yourself.
You set the timer and put your object of choice – be it a phone or gaming
handset – into the heavy-duty container and lock it. The safe won’t unlock
until the designated time.

From all of us here at CWB Property, thanks for reading.