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Smells That Will Help Sell Your Kent Property

Smells That Will Help Sell Your Kent Property

Have you got a big one? A
small one? Maybe you’ve got a wonky one.

Whatever its shape or size,
we’ve all got one.

We’re talking about your
hooter. Smack bang in the middle of your face; the nose is a great tool when
trying to sell your home.

Known as ‘scent branding’,
businesses all over the world are investing in signature scents to harness the
power of smells, memories, and emotion.

In simple terms, a nice smell
can help your property stand out in a crowded market.

In this two-minute read,
we look at some of the top scents you can easily use to get your buyers’ noses


It’s an oldie, but a goodie.
A recent poll byBankrate UK
found that baking was the winning smell for buyers of all ages. Those heady
scents of rising yeast evoke emotions of comfort and safety.

You don’t have to be Mary
Berry producing perfect loaves, but you could get some pre-made cake mix to pop
in the oven before a viewing. If you’re a disaster in the kitchen, you can also
buy ‘fresh bread’ scented candles.

Fresh linen

The smell of clean clothes is
a winner when it comes to younger buyers. But instead of hanging out your
laundry for all to see, grab yourself a fresh linen scented candle. It’s an
aroma most associated with cleanliness.


Once you get away from the
bees hovering around a lavender bush, you can’t help but notice that
intoxicating smell. So, it’s no surprise that the smell of lavender ranks
highly when it comes to favourite fragrances. Lavender has got lots of positive
qualities and is known for evoking feelings of calm and relaxation.


Put your instant blend away,
we’re talking about real freshly brewed coffee. It’s a strong smell that’s
popular with younger age groups, and brewing a fresh pot before a viewing is
easy (and cheap) to do. And if you get on well with the potential buyers, why
not share a brew with them?


One of the most popular
scented candle variations, vanilla is a great way to disguise unpleasant smells
in the home (think whiffy pets or dirty gym kits). Aromatherapy buffs also
believe that vanilla is a great stress reliever, creating a calm environment.
What better smell to help sell your property?

Top Tip: Less is more when filling your home with scents, so
don’t go crazy with artificial smells such as air fresheners. Instead, keep the
aroma subtle and fresh.

If you’re thinking about
selling your home, contact us at CWB Property today – we’ve a
nose for sniffing out the best results for our clients.