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Why Your Windows Matter

Why Your Windows Matter


Before you were a property owner, chances are
windows were something you just looked out of to take in the view. You probably
didn’t give them much thought and you might have cleaned them occasionally.
That was it.


Now, as a homeowner, your single, double, or
triple glazing means so much more. And if you’re about to renovate a property
or upgrade your windows, it’s worth diving into the fascinating world of double
glazing to find out more. (Honestly, it’s pretty interesting.)


In this quick read, we look at different types
of windows and why they matter, especially as energy prices rocket.


Why windows are so important

Traditionally, windows were single panes of
glass. Great to look out of, but not the best at reducing heat loss. They were
also quite dangerous if broken. While some older homes still use single panes, double
glazing is now the norm.


Double glazing is a long-term solution for
saving on energy costs. There are multiple types of double glazing, and their
energy rating (from A to G) tells you how energy efficient they are.


Different types of glazing


Insulating glass

These are multiple panes of glass in one unit
with a layer of gas in the middle. They reduce heat loss and are Building
Regulation compliant.


Solar reduction glass

Perfect for reducing the amount of heat
entering your home, these panels have a special metal oxide coating that’s
invisible to the eye. Consider these if you’re lucky enough to have a sunshine-filled
south-facing home and need to keep cool during the summer months.


Noise reduction glass

If you live along a busy road or near a train
line, these are a must-have. They prevent sound waves from travelling through
the windows due to their thickness and sound dampening core.


Structured glass

These windows have the wow factor. They are
large pieces of glass that can hold the weight of surrounding structures. Think
of big sliding doors or conservatories.


Window safety glass

These windows are made extra strong due to a
heat treatment and shatter into smaller pieces rather than large shards if broken.


Mix up your glazing

For maximum energy reduction, consider double
and triple glazing for your home. For example, double glazing on the
south-facing side of your home and triple glazing on the cooler, north-facing


It’s worth remembering that good windows add
value to your home/rental property.


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