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Five Ways to Make Your Kent Home Look More Spacious

Five Ways to Make Your Kent Home Look More Spacious

Ways to Make Your Kent Home Look More Spacious



Find out how you can impress buyers by making each
room in your home look as spacious as possible. A two-minute read.


you’re marketing a one-bedroom flat or a seven-bedroom mansion, the same rule usually
applies – big is beautiful.


talking about big rooms, of course! It’s well known that a home that feels
spacious will always fetch a higher price than a similar property that comes
across as cramped and crowded.


good news is you don’t need to go crazy with a sledgehammer knocking down walls
to make a home feel roomier – a few clever adjustments will do the trick.


are five ways to make your home look bigger.


Ditch the clutter 

Carry out an audit in each room of your home and
identify any items you can live without for a few months during the marketing
process. Put the ones you want to keep in storage and ditch the rest (some have
probably been gathering dust for years). Don’t be precious; no one’s passing
judgement on your hobbies or interests. Just give buyers what they want: a
blank canvas that they can put their own mark on.


Get the furniture right

Perhaps you have a huge sofa that’s fab for family
film nights but swamps your living room, or a 14-seat dining table that you
only use at Christmas? Put super-sized items of furniture in storage and hire or
borrow pieces that are in proportion with the room.


Use mirrors

Mirrors reflect light and make a space look bigger.
Positioning a large mirror at the rear of a room is a great way to make it look


Go neutral

Dark walls and bold patterns make a room look
smaller (and don’t even get us started on dark-coloured ceilings). Interior
designers suggest painting the walls and ceiling the same light neutral tone to
make a room feel more spacious.


Let there be light (artificial and

Always open your curtains or shutters before a
viewing to allow natural light in. Also, dot lamps around the room to generate
more light. A variety of lighting creates depth (and hence a sense of space) in
a room.


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