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Thinking of Buying a Doer-Upper in Kent? Read This First

Thinking of Buying a Doer-Upper in Kent? Read This First

Thinking of Buying a Doer-Upper
in Kent? Read This First



When searching for a new
home, do you scroll past properties that look a little worse for wear? You know
the ones, where the carpet hasn’t been changed since the 70s and the floral
wallpaper is curling off the walls?


Lots of buyers look for newly
renovated or new-build homes due to fear of the doer-upper. If that sounds like
you, we’re here to tell you that you’re potentially missing out.


Older, unloved properties may
look scary, but they’re often hiding bags of potential.


Here’s what to consider
when buying a doer-upper.


Costs and budgets

or older properties tend to come onto the market at a lower price than their
newly renovated competition. With new homes, you’re paying for the time and
money someone else has put into it. While with doer-uppers, you’ve got
something relatively untouched and ready for updating.


course, you must factor in build costs, decoration, plumbing, electrics, etc.
But in many cases, these can work out at less than a new-build, especially if
you do some of the work yourself.


If you’ve fallen in love with an
older property, make sure you view it a few times, and take an experienced
builder along to see it so they can advise on costs and potential issues.



an unloved property without doing your research is a fool’s game. Get yourself
online and look at similar homes in the area; ask the agent as many questions
as you can to get to grips with the property. Is there potential to extend?
Does the property have permitted development rights? What do the other
properties on the street look like? There are no silly questions when you’re
thinking about a renovation project.


Add value

buying a doer-upper, you can feel smug in the knowledge that any updates you do
will add value. For example, many older flats or houses don’t have a central
heating system, which would put a lot of buyers off. By installing one,
changing the old windows, and investing in insulation, you’re not only
energy-proofing, but you’re also saving money in the long run. Also, if you
decide to sell, you’ll be able to command a higher purchase price.


Make your mark

great moving into a shiny new home with a flawless kitchen and high-spec
bathroom, but imagine creating your own space. There’s nothing like seeing your
design ideas come to life and a renovation project allows you to do just that.


If you’re looking for a
renovation project, get in touch with us at CWB Property. We’ll help you find your dream home.