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Why You Should Always Use an Agent to Sell Your Kent Home

Why You Should Always Use an Agent to Sell Your Kent Home

When selling your home, you might
notice that costs start building up. Paying out for repairs, buying storage to
hide away clutter, legal costs, commission fees; there’s a fair bit to budget
for, and you haven’t even moved yet.

 So, how can you save money?

 The answer is definitely NOT
by cutting out estate agents and going it alone. While many people are tempted
by online-only agencies and their promises of fixed fees, free listings, and
guaranteed sales, sometimes it really is just too good to be true. 

In this three-minute read,
we look at reasons why you should get an agent to sell your home. 

1)      Expertise

agents live and breathe property. They know what sells and to whom. They know
the area and how to make your property more attractive to buyers. They provide
a valuation of your property based on current market demands and will measure
rooms to create accurate floor plans.

good agent won’t just list your property and wait; they’ll be proactively
trying to find a buyer for your home.

2)      Marketing

course, you can list your home online and cross your fingers, but what if you
don’t attract any potential buyers

huge advantage of working with local agents is that they have access to online
portals plus a database of hundreds of buyers looking for homes. They offer
professional photography services to get your property looking its best and
produce hard copies of sales details, so buyers can keep your home in mind
after a viewing.


3)      Viewings

you can show your property to potential buyers – after all, you live there and
know it best. However, viewings are more than just opening the door and showing
people round. They take a lot of organising and can be time-consuming. And if
you work full time, or have other commitments, who can you trust to show
potential buyers around?


agents arrange individual viewings as well as open days. They manage potential buyers
for you and provide information about your home without the emotional
attachment you’ve formed to it.


4)      Negotiating

you work in sales, you might not be an expert negotiator. Can you really risk
losing out on the best purchase price for your property?

best agents are driven to achieve the best sales price for their clients and
deal with the back and forth between you and your buyers professionally and


5)      Admin

you’ve got a lot on your plate, some estate agents can also liaise with
conveyancers on your behalf. This saves you time and hassle.


At CWB Property,
we like to go the extra mile for our sellers and are always available to answer
questions and provide advice. Give us a call on 01634 304326 to
see how we can help.