If like me, you're interested in what is happening in the local property market, heres a handy market report we've put together for you.

Most of the sales in Snodland Halling over the past year were terraced properties, whilst in Cuxton and Larkfield Semi-detached properties proved to be the most popular property type. 
Snodland, with an overall average price of £313,135, was similar in terms of sold prices to nearby Larkfield (£307,592) and Halling (£306,368), but was cheaper than Leybourne (£358,461).

In the past year house prices in Snodland were 11% up on the year before and 24% up on 2016 when they averaged at £253,077. Halling with an overall average price of £306,368, is very similar to Snodland and Larkfield (£307,592) in terms of price, but was more expensive than Strood (£274,747) and cheaper than Cuxton (£353,519). However Halling has seen prices fall by 6% in the last 12 months, the only area we have seen a fall recently but this can mainly be attributed to a reduced amount of properties brought to the market.

Cuxton faired better than all of the surrounding towns with growth of 13% in the last year and 12% since 2016 whilst Larkfield saw prices increases of 9% up on the previous year and 6% on 2016. 

All of this data points to a generally very buoyant market at the moment, especially when we consider the turmoil that Brexit uncertainty is causing in the media.

The graph below shows how each of the areas is performing in more detail but if you would like the actual figures listed or you'd like to chate about them please do not hesitate to email, call or pop into the shop.
Sold stats..jpg