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Eight Ways to Celebrate National Children’s Day in Kent

Eight Ways to Celebrate National Children’s Day in Kent

In this two-minute read,
we look at ways to promote children’s wellbeing.

The past year has been challenging for kids, so
let’s make them feel special on National Children’s Day (NCD) on Sunday 16 May.

The lockdowns of the last year hit children
particularly hard. While little ones often say they want to skip school, the
reality is many find its structure reassuring. (Sadly, some also feel safer at
school than they do at home.)

Not only did lockdown mean children couldn’t be with
their friends, for many, it also meant less exercise and more screen time – and
their mental health suffered as a result.

Currently, about one in six children has a
diagnosable mental health condition (source: Place2Be). But with the Covid-19
crisis easing in the UK, we can start to turn the situation around.

Here are eight ways you can mark NCD with your


Don’t feel pressured to whip up a fancy showstopper
– simple cupcakes or flapjacks will go down just as well. After all, for most
children, the best bit is dipping their fingers in the mixture.


There’s something incredibly calming about sitting
with your child and drawing. It’s a great way for kids (of all ages) to express


You probably stepped on plenty of primary-coloured
plastic bricks during lockdown, but when did you last make something
with them? The internet is awash with brilliant Lego projects, from pencil
holders and tissue boxes to volcanoes and monsters. Get creative with your


Children often struggle to put news headlines into
perspective. For example, a survey of 1,000 children found that 47% were
anxious about dying from Covid-19 even though the death rate among under-18s is
extremely low (source: Action for Children Wales). Take time to chat to your
child about their concerns. Don’t dismiss their fears but put them into


One of the best ways to improve wellbeing is to get
moving. Run, walk, skip or swim with your little one.

Let them teach you

Adults are always telling kids what to do. Reverse
the roles and let your child teach you something, be it their favourite
computer game or how to do a handstand. Watch their confidence grow when they
get to play expert.

Make a playlist together

We’re guessing your taste in music is different to
your child’s, but there must be some common ground. Discuss your favourite
tunes and make a playlist. You’ll be able to listen to it again and

Plan a special meal

Celebrate NCD with a swanky home-cooked meal. Devise
the menu with your child, and then make it memorable. Light a few candles, put
some music on, and serve up a tasty feast (and don’t forget pudding).

From all of us here
at CWB Property, stay positive.