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Top Tips to Make the Most of Your Kent Staycation

Top Tips to Make the Most of Your Kent Staycation

A three-minute read
sharing top tips for your Kent staycation.

This summer, the question mark over foreign holidays is as
agonising as Ross and Rachel’s will-they-or-wont-they story.

Some have taken the stress out of the decision and opted to
book holidays in and around the UK. But for many, rising prices and limited
availability has resulted in staycations at home being the preferred choice.

Here’s a roundup of our favourite tips to make the most of
your Kent staycation.

Turn the tech off

Remember the good old days when a break was actually a
break? For some, working from home has led to a seemingly constant
availability. Work has crept into evenings and weekends and the line has most
definitely blurred. Turn your phone off, put your out of office on and recharge

Cull the chores

Holidays mean leisure, not labour. Put an embargo on
laundry, cleaning, shopping, even cooking (unless that forms part of your
R&R). Indulge in some guilty pleasures: sleep in, read some feel-good
fiction, binge on Netflix, eat pancakes and syrup every day.

Satisfy ALL the

If a holiday means havaianas, Harvey Wallbangers and
halloumi – have it. Use a coconut scented body lotion or sunscreen (if we’re
lucky enough to see the sun…). Get out your fluffiest bath towels to turn your
bathroom into a luxury hotel spa. Hang some fairy lights, splurge on some holiday-scented
candles and spin some Café del Mar tunes for a holiday oasis.

Get outdoors

There’s bound to be somewhere in Kent that you have yet to discover. Search the net for
recommended woodland dog walks, hiking trails, or picnic spots. If you have the
space, borrow a tent from a friend and set up camp in the garden. Toast some
marshmallows, put on a little festival music, and lie out under the stars. (A chemical
toilet is optional.) If rain stops play, set up camp inside. You can even
listen to cicadas or a crackling fire on YouTube.


Get your mates together for some football, rugby, or
rounders in the park. Get everyone involved and throw some bangers on the
barbie for a post-game jolly.

Try something new

You’re never too old to learn something new. Try your hand
at a new sport (a dining table and a table tennis paddle and ball can provide
hours of fun) or have a go at painting, yoga, or perfect your mum’s pavlova.

Whether you’re
vacationing or staycationing, from all of us here at CWB Property, have fun and stay safe.