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How Homeowners Can Beat the Blue Monday Moods

How Homeowners Can Beat the Blue Monday Moods

In this two-minute read, we share how homeowners thinking
of selling can avoid feeling down in the dumps on the year’s most depressing

Next Monday is, according to social scientists, the most
depressing day on the calendar.

It even has a name. Such is the doom and gloom attached to
it – Blue Monday.

It’s the perfect storm of wintry weather, festive spending
credit card debts coming in, New Year’s resolutions falling by the wayside, and
Christmas being a memory that’s fading fast.

We all feel down from time to time, and it’s important to
share with people we trust how we’re feeling.

All our relationships here at CWB Property are
built on trust, and we like to think that’s why we know what gets home sellers
feeling blue.

The good news is we have the answers to the five main things
that get people involved in property transactions feeling down.

1 – Home won’t sell – A home that’s been on the
market for a long time is a headache for the seller. It’s usually because the
price is unrealistic or it is being poorly marketed.

2 – Apathetic agents – Choosing an estate agent to
sell your home is a big call. And when you get it wrong, it can be the source
of a lot of stress and anxiety. Look for local agents who know the local
property market, are experienced, and have good reviews and testimonials.

3 – Slow solicitors – There’s no getting away from it,
an inefficient conveyancing solicitor can hold up your sale and cause no end of
frustration. Always go with recommendations from people you trust who have
successfully used the solicitor themselves.

4 – Vanishing buyers – There’s very little in the
property selling business as annoying as buyers who make an offer you accept
only to vanish for whatever reason. The best way around this is to work with an
agency that properly qualifies every offer to see if the person making it is in
a position to actually proceed.

5 – Overvaluations – This goes back to point two and
highlights the importance of choosing the right agency. A common tactic used by
unscrupulous agents is to deliberately overvalue a property to get the chance
to sell it. More often than not, a price reduction follows as the property
won’t sell and attracts little interest. Ask for clear, comparable evidence to
back up an agency’s valuation of your property.

If you have anything property-related weighing on your mind
this Blue Monday or any day come to that, give us a call. We’re here to make
selling a home a happier experience.