Ensure your documents are right! - Section 21

As a landlord, if you wish to end a tenancy, most of the time you will need to serve a Section 21 Notice. As long as there are no rent arrears, Section 21 Notices are usually the simplest and least stressful way of ending a tenancy. However it has also been well documented that these documents but must be completed and delivered in the correct manner for them to be legally binding or they may be thrown out of court.

The Deregulation Act 2015, created to prevent "revenge evictions" brought in new procedures for landlord to adhere to, should a landlord wish to servce the Notice on a tenancy started after Ocober 2015.

A checklist of the procedures can be found below to help ensure you serve the notice correctly.

The latest changes made now incorporate all tenancies not those created afert October 2015 and the Section 21 iteslf has been updated and must include Form 6a, also available on our website to view. The new form has combined the two previous types of notices (s.21 (1)(b) and s.21 (4)(a)) into a single notice for both periodic and fixed-term tenancies. The two old forms can no longer be used. 

Should you like a copy of the checklist please feel free to email me on warren@cwbproperty.co.uk and i'll send one over!

Kind regards